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Instructions & Tips

  1. Replace stock floor plates on magazines with DuelFire extended floor plates (see manufacturer instructions for removing stock floor plates).
  2. Install DuelFire on any standard 2.25" equipment belt, and tighten set screws with supplied hex key (DuelFire is designed to be worn on weak side of body so magazine extraction is toward firearm).
  3. With weak hand, grasp magazine with top of extended floor plate in center of palm, and index finger touching top bullet of loaded magazine (palm & indexed position).
  4. Install magazine from open end of magazine well by sliding butt end of magazine along spring-loaded wall until extended floor plate snaps flush against back of DuelFire.
  5. To remove magazine, hold weak hand parallel to top of magazine. Palm & index the magazine, apply slight downward pressure, and with one swift motion, extract magazine (DuelFire requires a short break-in period to achieve maximum smooth operation).


Keep DuelFire clean and free from dirt and lint. To clean, brush lightly with a soft-bristled brush or lint-free cloth. Mild soap and water, as well as decontamination fluids, may be used as long as DuelFire is thoroughly dried. Springs and hinges may be treated with a light coat of metal conditioner as needed, removing excess conditioner with a lint-free cloth

Contact Info
DuelFire DF-GL1
Patent No. 7,614,534 B2
For GLOCK Standard and "C" Models: 17, 22, 31, 34, 35, & 37
(the 9mm, .40, .357SIG, and .45GAP)

Kit Contains:
1 DuelFire Unit
3 Extended Floor Plates
1 Hex Key

Fits 2.25" Duty Belt.
DuelFire Floor Plates
The recommended custom, extended magazine floor plates are also available separately.

These custom floor plates give you a better grip on your magazine, especially should you need to strip it from your handgun or during one-hand manipulation in the event of injury.

Three custom extended floor plates are included with purchase of each DuelFire MDS.