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Frequently Asked Questions

In your video, extracting the magazines out of DuelFire appears so easy—actually, too easy. How well does DuelFire really keep the magazines in?
The individual in the video demonstrates a level of proficiency attainable after some practice. The motion to get magazines out of DuelFire is quick and fluid, and with practice can appear effortless. This might give the impression that your magazines are not held securely in DuelFire. DuelFire's spring-loaded walls exert more than 7 lbs. of pressure on the magazines and are designed so that each magazine slides into a detent position, essentially locking them in place. In fact, one customer commented how upon receiving his DuelFire, he was surprised how much force was necessary to extract a magazine—"...they don't just slide out, you really have to want them to come out!" DuelFire has been field tested in a variety of non-firing situations, including obstacle courses, defensive tactics & ground-fighting, daily patrol (motor, foot, bicycle, personal watercraft, and even horseback), and just day-to-day usage (getting in and out of vehicles, moving heavy loads, extreme weather exposure, etc.) with no significant concerns reported.

How long does it take to transition from conventional pouches to DuelFire?
Acquiring muscle memory is very much up to the individual. While the motion to extract magazines out of DuelFire is very unique compared to conventional magazine holders, it is much more natural. Veteran police officers have transitioned to DuelFire in as little as 5 minutes, with minimal repetitions. When you do purchase DuelFire, it is important that you practice and become proficient with it before wearing it on-duty.

Do you offer DuelFire for left-handed shooters?
DuelFire is designed to be completely ambidextrous and can be worn on either side of the body.

Do I really need to change out the factory floor plates for the extended floor plates?
While some testers have successfully used DuelFire with the factory floor plates, we strongly recommend using the extended floor plates. These give you positive tactile feedback when you palm & index your mag and provide added leverage during extraction. As an added benefit, they make it much easier to strip the mag from your handgun if jammed, or for one-hand manipulation in the event of injury.

Do you offer the extended floor plates separately?
Yes. They can be purchased individually, or in packs of 3, 10, or 25. Three are included with the purchase of a DuelFire system.

I'm a little concerned about the exposed bullets. How prone are they to getting dirty or to accidental loss?
Part of a good maintenance habit is regular equipment inspection and cleaning, and your magazines and ammunition should be included in your routine. While all law enforcement officers are taught proper equipment maintenance, many field training officers and supervisors will tell you that proper inspection and cleaning is a habit that some neglect. The exposed rounds in DuelFire actually promote easier, more frequent inspection. DuelFire is designed to offer you an immediate palmed & indexed grip on your magazine and a simple, gross motor skill for extraction (reducing the need for finger dexterity). And since the base of DuelFire covers the primer-end of your rounds, the likelihood of a round being stripped out is minimal. With over 6 years of combined on-duty wear by field testers, not a single instance of losing a round out of a magazine in DuelFire was reported. Magazines will wear out with time and repeated use. Magazine springs can lose tension and the mouth of the magazine can widen, increasing the chance of rounds falling out. If you are losing rounds out of a magazine, it may be that the magazine needs to be replaced.

I carry a 1911. Is DuelFire available for other gun brands and models?
After GLOCK, a DuelFire design for the 1911 is our second-most requested model. A design for the 1911 is currently being researched & developed and will most likely be the next model offered.

Will DuelFire work with compact GLOCK models?
While DuelFire is designed to be a perfect fit for the full-size GLOCK models in the calibers listed, field testers and customers alike have used DuelFire for their compact sizes of those calibers and found that they work just as well. Because of their shorter frames, compact models' magazines fit a little further inside DuelFire's magazine well. And because of a slightly different floor plate angle, they don't fit as flush against DuelFire's stop plate. If you purchase DuelFire for your compact model and are not satisfied with its fit and function, you may return DuelFire for a refund (see our Terms & Conditions for information regarding our return policy).

I like the DuelFire concept, but my administrators are concerned about public perception, that the exposed rounds might be "too intimidating." Has this been an issue?
DuelFire is designed to offer you an immediate palmed & indexed grip on your magazine, and a simple gross motor skill for extraction (reducing the need for finger dexterity). Our field testers come from a variety of agencies and from a variety of geographical and demographical locations, most of them in direct contact with the public every day. During this real-world, "street" experience not one comment has been heard from the public regarding concern over the exposed rounds. Most people express more interest or concern over your handgun, Taser(TM), or other intermediate weapons.

How much does DuelFire Cost?
DuelFire is priced to be competitive with other equipment options currently offered to law enforcement officers. A good quality leather magazine pouch can cost anywhere from $25 - $50, and needs to be periodically replaced. Because of its strong design and materials, and with proper care, DuelFire will outlast most other conventional magazine holders currently available.

My agency wants to purchase DuelFire for every officer. Do you offer any bulk discounts?
Bulk order discounts are available based on a weighted scale that factors in the number of officers an agency has, and the percentage of them the agency plans on outfitting with DuelFire. Contact us for more information and a custom quote.

Contact Info
DuelFire DF-GL1
Patent No. 7,614,534 B2
For GLOCK Standard and "C" Models: 17, 22, 31, 34, 35, & 37
(the 9mm, .40, .357SIG, and .45GAP)

Kit Contains:
1 DuelFire Unit
3 Extended Floor Plates
1 Hex Key

Fits 2.25" Duty Belt.
DuelFire Floor Plates
The recommended custom, extended magazine floor plates are also available separately.

These custom floor plates give you a better grip on your magazine, especially should you need to strip it from your handgun or during one-hand manipulation in the event of injury.

Three custom extended floor plates are included with purchase of each DuelFire MDS.